Wisconsin Campaign Finance System

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Campaign Finance Information System Training Manuals

     Included below are Training Manuals containing information on how to use the Campaign Finance

     Information System.  The How to File Manuals provide an overview of how to file using the CFIS system for candidate committees.  All manuals are in .pdf format and can be downloaded and printed.


Campaign Finance Overview - State Candidates

How to File a G.A.B. 2S Using CFIS Data Entry Screens

How to File a G.A.B. 2S Using CFIS Upload Process

How to File a G.A.B. 2S Using the G.A.B. 2 Excel Workbook

Wisconsin Election Campaign Fund (WECF) Manual

Conduit Manual

Political Action Committee (PAC) Manual

Contribution Limits


Additional Links to the Campaign Finance Forms, State Statutes,

and Administrative Code

GAB-2 for State Committees

Campaign Finance Forms

Chapter 11 Wisconsin Statutes

Administrative Code